Wash & Fold Laundry Cleaning Service

Wash N Fold Express Drop-Off Service is a great way to make life a little easier!

We Help:

  • Busy Families On The Go.
  • Working Professionals that want to spend their weekend relaxing, not doing laundry.
  • Folks that just don't like doing laundry.
  • Small Businesses
  • Gyms - Massage Therapists (SHEETS!) - Hair / Nail / Beauty Salons -

Our Service: Fast

Just drop your laundry off and we ll text you when its completed. Easy as that.

We follow any special instructions or request by our customers to make sure their laundry is completed just how they like.

We take care in all our processes (sorting, separating, washing, drying, folding, packaging) to ensure a quality consistent product each and every time. Our goal is simplicity and time savings for our customers.

Pricing: Affordable

$1.99 per lb (Average customer order for an individual is between $20-$30 dollars)

Same Day Service available priced at $2.75 per lb. Drop off your laundry on your way to work, pick it up on your way home.  

Separate Items:

  • Comforters / Twin $20 / Queen $24 / King $28
  • Down/Extra Heavy add $5
  • Blankets / Small $10 / Medium $15 / Large $25
  • Bedspreads / Small $16 / Medium $20 / Large $25 
  • Bath Rugs/Runners / Small $5 / Medium $10 / Large $15
  • Pillows / Small $6 each / Large $20 each
  • Pet Beds / Small $20 / Large $35 (There is an additional fee for heavily soiled pet beds)
  • Misc items / Priced in store by attendant.

Our Washing Products:

We are working towards using only 100% green certified products for our Wash N Fold Drop off Service

Clean n Green now offers Ozone by Articlean FREE with every washer and laundry service.  This is Eco-Friendly and safe for the environment. 

We use Ecos Soap, an environmentally friendly option with no harmful chemicals and perfumes. We have a lavender scented option or a completely scent free option for customers with sensitivities.

We use wool dryer balls and environmentally friendly scentless dryer sheets to avoid the standard dryer sheets that are heavily scented.

We provide a reusable laundry bag to put dirty clothes into and a reusable laundry tote to pack clean clothes into, which helps us reduce our need for plastic packaging.

**Any customer that wants to use his or her own desired products can provide them to us and we will use them as directed.