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Professional Commercial Laundry Services

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Personalized plans for commercial laundry pickups, deliveries, and professional laundry service.

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Our Commercial Wash N Fold Service is perfect for:

  • Gyms / Yoga Studios / Dance studios / Personal Trainers
  • Hair / Nail / Beauty Salons
  • Chiropractors / Small Assisted living facilities /
  • Massage therapists (Sheets!)
  • Small Inns / Bed and Breakfasts / Motels /
  • General Contractors / Landscape companies - looking for simple, affordable added perks for their hardworking employees.

Our commercial Laundry Services can greatly benefit your organization. By alleviating the chore of laundry duty, you and your employees do more of what you do best. Our laundry valet service cannot be beat!

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