Loyalty Card

No gimmicks or games. Just a simple loyalty bonus.

You get 10% bonus every time you reload your Loyalty Wash Card with us, whether you reload $1 or $100

Example:Laundromat Machine

$20 = $2 Free

$50 = $5 Free

$100 = $10 Free

That $2 amounts to a free large dryer! No points to redeem or expiration dates to remember or complicated formulas to figure out what you are getting.

With our loyalty bonus, you know exactly what you're getting.

ONE stipulation: If you use our loyalty card and don't register it as yours, if you lose the card we can't look you up to replace its value (its like losing cash). If you are registered then we can replace your card and give you your balance on a new one.

Registering your Loyalty card is SIMPLE! Just follow click the button below and fill our the necessary fields (or have an attendant help you at the store).