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Frequently Asked Questions

You can fill the drums to the very top in our washers, just avoid packing the machine (things need room to move around in there!) When choosing a dryer the best rule of thumb is to fill them half way to allow for good air flow and movement of clothes, this will help items dry faster and more uniformly.

Soap!!! Many people think since they're putting much more clothes in the washer (since they're giant) they need to add that much more soap, this is not true. Most of us use entirely to much soap to the point the soap is actually less effective because it creates to many suds and doesn't allow the agitation of the clothes to happen properly, also it is harder for the excess soap to rinse out of the clothes. In most instances, less is more. We have signs above all our washers giving the recommended soap for each type of washer, so if that us used as a guide, you ll see that you need much less. If you do happen to use to much soap, its not problem at all, just ask our employee to give them an extra rinse to get those extra suds off before they go into the dryer.

Our self serve laundry is open 7 days a week from 7 am - 8:30 pm Last Wash in by 7:45pm (Sunday mornings open 8 am) Our trained attendants work during all operating hours to help you with any questions or problems you may have, our goal is to make your laundry experience with us as smooth and comfortable as possible.

You can pay how ever you like! Quarters / Credit Card / Loyalty Wash Card (10% recharge bonus) / Smart phone. Our machines accept all these different forms of payment for your convenience.

Bring your dirty laundry / sheets / blankets / comforters and drop them off at our store or sign up for our drop off and delivery service. We'll follow any special instructions you may have and text you when your order is complete. Simple as that. We charge $1.45 per pound with a 10 pound minimum requirement

For our Wash n Fold customers; 4 minutes. 2 minutes drop off, 2 minutes pick up :)

We have large enough equipment that any amount of clothes can be washed and dried in under and hour. Folding is another story.

The quick answer is unfortunately, No.