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 By using less electricity and natural gas you can make a positive, measurable impact on the environment while saving money on utilities and repair bills.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

How we reduce our impact on the Earth

What we do:

Utilize top efficiency rated equipment that uses half as much water per lb of clothing vs traditional home washing machines. 

Provide 100% biodegradable, hypoallergenic soaps, which are far more gentle on skin and don't contaminate waterways. 

Recycle plastic waste (which we have ALOT of) to keep landfills at bay. 

Install high efficiency lighting, low flow sinks and a top rated hot water heater.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products to keep our store sparkling clean.   

Creating sustainable communities starts with creating environments where people can socialize, discuss ideas and be in-tune with each other.  When we are isolated we lose touch with the people who live along side us.

Recycling and using Bio degradable soaps and cleaning agents, helps to reduce the pollution of our ground water, lakes, rivers and slows landfills. 

The equipment we provide uses 1/2 as much water per LB of clothing as most traditional home washers. If everyone used high-efficiency laundromats we would save Millions of gallons of water a year

Coming SOON:  We will be devoting one of our 4 load washers and one 45lb dryers to completely hypoallergenic, chemical free status using only Charlies Soap.